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unkown code
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TOPIC: unkown code

unkown code 7 years, 4 months ago #2782

  • shaun3215
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saab 20. turbo 2000 93 system tronic the code 0327 unkown also i have looked on the site for unkown codes and i could not find them is this info on this site to see thanks shaun3215

Re: unkown code 7 years, 4 months ago #2783

  • Robski
Whats the car doing ?

What info system do you use ?

My info system tells me Knock sensor !

Re: unkown code 7 years, 4 months ago #2785

  • shaun3215
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yes info tells me knock sensor as well, but the car has no knock sensor according to autodata,i have check( autodata) wiring diagram section and there is no knock sensor on the diagram or in {engine sensors} so that is why i would ask so that is why i am confused unless i have missed it,right the other part car runs fine just the one code which came up on my acr g2 pod ,one more thing i did have 5 codes to start with camshaft sensor and four unknown codes,i reset the ecu and run the car this was the one code that came up ,this is still confusing as there is no camshaft sensor as well according to autodata ,is this a miss print i dont know thanks for asking shaun3215

Re: unkown code 7 years, 4 months ago #2788

  • Robski

That's why i asked what info system you were using as i looked at the same.

This will probably be a Saab specific code & not EOBD.

So one for SPD or someone with Saab info me thinks.

Re: unkown code 7 years, 4 months ago #2792

  • richm
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a bit of research indicates that the problem may be with the Direct Ignition cassette or spark plugs, as the Trionic system uses circuitry in the DI unit to measure exhaust gas ionisation variations in the spark gap shortly after the spark has occurred and deduces knock from that - as you say, a physical knock sensor as such is not fitted.

Relevant quote from that thread:
P0327 is not a fault for 'a knock sensor,' the code definition is actually:
P0327 - "Low input voltage from knock sensor circuit, Bank 1."
Usually this is an internal problem in the direct ignition cassette, that's the black cartridge that holds the ignition coils. All Trionic SAABs use the DI cassette to measure knock by firing the plugs at times other than for normal ignition. Knock sensing is done in two banks, Bank 1 is cyls 1+2, and Bank 2 is cyls. 3+4.
P0327 is set when there is an open or short in the knock sensing part of the circuit from the DI. Knock sensing is powered by pins 6 & 7 in the DI connector.
First check to see if you have about +5v across pins 6 & 7.
If you do, replace the DI cassette.
If you don't, the wires go directly to the ECU and will need to be repaired.

hope this helps

SP Support
SP Diagnostics
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