SPi EOBD Code Lookup Functions
Thursday, 06 May 2010 00:00

Using the built in SPi EOBD code lookup and SPi Advance Code lookup functions

The SPi has a 2 types of trouble code lookup functions, it can handle manufacturer specific P,B,C and U codes, EOBD generic codes and can also be used directly from virtually every system via the Advanced lookup function.

Using the advanced code lookup function

Subscribed SPi users can make use of the advanced code lookup function, this automatic function allows you to retrieve even more trouble code descriptions across virtually all systems.

Follow this process to use the this function:

Look out for the right arrow icon in the top right corner when you get an error code displayed.

Press the Right button on the SPi

Confirm that you wish to look up the code by pressing the OK button.

This code will automatically be used to start the look up process.

You have a chance to change or amend the code using the virtual keyboard before you look it up.
Select and press the bottom right enter key on the keyboard.

The description for the code 0109 is now displayed

This function uses the appropriate manufacturer code depending on what system you are using, rather than just generic EOBD codes.

To exit press the ESC button on the SPi, you will then return to the starting point.

Using the built in SPi EOBD code lookup function

The SPi has a new EOBD trouble code lookup function, it can handle manufacturer specific P,B,C and U codes, and also EOBD generic codes.

Select the LOOK-UP DTC function from the main menu


Enter your unknown EOBD Code


Remember to start the code with P,B,C or U as this defines the code type and enter any 0's in front of the code.

Select the vehicle manufacturer


All codes found will then be displayed


The EOBD lookup function is already built in to the EOBD code reading functions in the SPi.

For more information on EOBD trouble codes please see this article: All about EOBD trouble codes

For details on the SPi take a look at the SP Diagnostics website: SP Diagnostics SPi


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