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It looks like the weather is finally turning and the evenings are getting lighter now, plus the Formula 1 isn't any better, but we are working hard on the next release SD21.0 due out later in the month. We will also be offering a new product line that compliments our existing diagnostic equipment.

Remember that the EOBD Code Breaker competition is still open, if you haven't entered yet click the link below to enter...

To enter click here: Code Breaker Competition


Mega Deal - Buy one get one free!

New BMW and Mercedes Adapters - Get more coverage with these round connectors that plug straight into your SPi / ACR ISO harness.

Buy the Mercedes Adapter and get the BMW Adapter FREE

More functionality - A must for BMW, Mercedes or German Specialists.

Lookout for new updates that will increase ABS, Airbag, Engine and Body support.

Buy the Mercedes 38 pin harness for just £121 and get the BMW 20 pin worth £79 completely free!

Call us now before we sell out on this offer: 0844 561 7861


Health and Safety Changes

The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations passed in 2005 limiting employees' exposure to vibration at work, are soon to meet an important deadline that requires equipment purchased before 6th July 2007 to meet certain vibration limits.

From 6th July this year all equipment must meet the vibration limits (normally available from the manufacturer). So if your staff work with equipment such as sanders, grinders, cutters, chipping hammers etc the maximum exposure limit and the daily exposure limits must both be met.

Tools used in the garage environment can cause problems with Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), with symptoms such as:

Tingling and numbness in the fingers

Not being able to feel things properly
Loss of strength in the hands
White finger tips then becoming red and painful on recovery

For some people, symptoms may appear after only a few months of exposure, but for others they may take a few years, they are likely to get worse with continued exposure to vibration and may even become permanent.

If you are an employer you must assess and identify measures to eliminate or reduce risks from exposure to hand-arm vibration, so that you can protect your employees from risks to their health.

For more information visit the Health and Safety Executives website on vibration:

HSE Vibration Website

and Health and Safety in the Motor vehicle repair industry area:

HSE Motor Vehicle Repair Website

Alfa MultiAir Engine

The new Alfa Romeo MiTo recently launched in the UK uses the small sized Multiair engines as its power plant. Fiat patented the Multiair technology in 2002, taking over a decade to develop by Fiat Powertrain Technologies in Italy.

All major manufacturers are searching for ways to increase efficiencies, for example engine start-stop technology when the vehicle is stationary. Fiat have invested heavily in the Multiair engine design, at its heart is variable valve timing technology, but rather than adjusting cam timing or using directly actuated valves, the Multiair still uses a mechanical intake cam but this drives a hydraulic circuit to the intake valve, this circuit can be bled by an electronically controlled valve driven by the engine ECU, thus adjusting the intake valve opening profile, this is all done without needing a throttle valve.

The cam profile in the engine has been designed to offer full performance and the activation of the bleed solenoid valve alters the intake valve opening using 5 different strategies:

Full Power: the solenoid valve is always closed, so the intake valve follows the mechanical cam profile exactly.

Part Load: The solenoid valve is opened earlier, causing the intake valve to open partially in relation to the amount of torque required.

Acceleration: The intake valve is closed early for low rpm torque, eliminating backflow into the manifold and maximises air in the cylinder.

Idle and Starting: The intake valve is opened after the cam action has started, this increases air speed into the cylinder and produces higher turbulence.

Very Low Loads: Multiple opening of the intake valve enhances turbulence and combustion, this significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions during town driving.

As the intake valve is entirely controlled according to load, there is no need for a separate throttle valve.

Fiat claim a 10% reduction of CO2 and a 10% increase in economy, 12.5% power increase, better throttle response and reduced turbo lag.

Fiat Power Train Video

Garys Support Corner

Gary's Support Corner

Ford P1000 OBD / EOBD Code

Some of you out there have seen this code appear on your SPi or ACR4 and thought to yourself “What on earth is that?” Well you are in luck today as I am going to let you in on a little secret that has a few of you baffled and on the phone to me. If you haven’t seen the code yet here it is…
“P1000 OBD readiness test not completed” or “P1000 EOBD drive cycle not performed”

All it is asking for is a test drive or engine start so the car’s ECU can become happy that the original fault has been fixed by your good self or the apprentice, but also there are no new faults appearing. We see this code mostly on Ford systems but other manufacturers do use it. Disconnecting the battery may bring this code up due to the ECU losing its memory (sounds like me) of stored fault codes. In brief though this code is not an issue and if this is still the only code you see after a test drive it will be alright to give the car back to the owner because the ECU will clear it when it is ready.
I have laid out the full drive cycle road test here for you but in reality some of it will be hard to perform on our clogged roads in the UK.

Click here for the drive cycle page


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