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Welcome to The SP Diagnostics Tyre Tracks News

The Easter holidays are out of the way and the traffic is back to normal again. We also have to wish a
happy belated birthday to the SPi, its now one year old and going stronger than ever.

Keep an eye out for the Fast Tracks email in your inbox, as the latest update SD 21.1 is due soon.

The EOBD Code Breaker competition is still open until the 1st of May, if you haven't entered yet click the link below to enter...

To enter click here: Code Breaker Competition


What are ACR4 Uniplex Adaptors?

A Uniplex is a physical adapter used to allow communication with additional CAN bus networks on certain vehicles. It is used in conjunction with the ACR4, G2 pod and CAN harness.

SP Diagnostics manufacture a range of Uniplex adapters for use with the ACR4 and CAN Harness (30214100/302141V2).

Why is a Uniplex required?

Vehicle manufacturers have recently begun adding additional CAN bus networks to vehicles which were not present when the CAN harness was originally designed. In order to be able to access diagnostic systems that use these newer networks it was necessary to either develop a new CAN harness or produce a low cost adapter to allow the existing CAN harnesses to communicate. The latest SP Diagnostics handset (the SPi) does not require the use of any uniplex adapaters and can communicate with any CAN bus network using the single universal cable provided with the SPi.

Lilac Uniplex (Peugeot/Citroen)
White Uniplex (Ford/Landrover)
Blue Uniplex (Volvo)
Red Uniplex (Fiat)

More information is available here: SPD Uniplex Page


Here: SPD Uniplex FAQ

Wireless Automotive Signal Processor

The WASP from SP Diagnostics has been specifically designed for the SPi Handset. The Wireless Automotive Signal Processor works with the SPi handset to provide voltage, frequency, low/high pulse width timing, duty cycle and current measurement with an appropriate current clamp.

For more information visit the WASP web page

Or contact us on 0844 561 7861

* We have had a number of calls from customers asking where they can buy the WASP from, the WASP is in stock and available from SP Diagnostics direct and through selected distributors.

Repairs and Updates

We have also had a few customers contact us regarding the status of their repairs, please note if you return your product via your distributor or Sykes-Pickavant there will be a delay before the item gets to us. To ensure your item is turned around in the shortest time possible please send your item
directly to us.

Before sending an item back, you must obtain a repairs authorisation number from us first, products received without a number will get delayed and or rejected.

The returns address and details are available from our support website: Repairs Process

Please be aware that deliveries to the PO Box can only be made by Royal Mail, you should contact us if you wish to send items by courier.

Air-conditioning Regulations

As of July 4th 2010 anyone involved in air-conditioning servicing will be required to hold a new refrigerant handling qualification. The F-Gas regulations covers all personnel that handle & recover fluorinated refrigerant green house gases.

The F-Gas regulations have been put in place by DEFRA to help EC countries meet the Kyoto protocol targets.

DEFRA sent out draft documents in
April 2008, that outlined minimum requirements a Mobile Air-Conditioning (MAC) technician must meet to be competent at handling refrigerant gases.

EC Regulations expanded on the minimum requirements from DEFRA, any qualification that meets the legislation requirements must have the words ‘meets the minimum requirements of Regulation (EC) 307/2008’ on the certificate or ID Card. This will show employers and regulators that the holder has achieved a valid qualification.

Automotive garages can not obtain a company wide certification, as these only apply to static systems in buildings etc, mobile air-conditioning on vehicles needs to be carried out by individuals with there own qualification.

Qualifications are available from the City & Guilds or Motor Industry Awards, both with training country wide and held at local colleges or training centres.

After 4th of July if you handle these gases without being qualified you are punishable by law.

To find out further information contact your local college / manufacturer of your Air-Conditioning unit / IMI Awards or City in Guilds:

City and Guilds

IMI Awards

SP Diagnostics & Autodata

SP Diagnostics are now proud suppliers of Autodata vehicle information. Autodata's CDs, books, and charts are ideal products to use along side the SPi, ACR4 and our other tools.

Find more information on Autodata here.

The Autodata 2010 Diagnostic Trouble Code book is a whopping 700+ pages of both invaluable and useful information on generic and manufacturer trouble codes. The book includes diagnostic connector locations and fault locations listed with comprehensively researched probable causes that save time by eliminating guesswork.

'The 2010 edition is an important reference guide for every garage workshop that wants to tackle engine, transmission and immobiliser work effectively and profitably' - Autodata

Autodata information is available on CD and the Internet, a yearly subscription provides you with priceless information on:
  • Service Intervals
  • Technical Data
  • Key Programming
  • Repair Times
  • Trouble Codes
  • Tyre Information
  • Service Data
  • Known Fixes
  • Engine Management Testing
  • ABS/Airbags/Air-Con
  • Component Locations
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Guided Diagnostics *
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring *
  • Electronic Park Brake *
  • Battery Disconnection Procedures *
* Version Dependent (CD3)

Win your own copy of the Autodata Diagnostic Trouble Code book

Worth £69!

Just correctly answer the question on the Autodata competition page here

Autodata Trouble Code Book.jpg

Autodata Video Demo & Tutorial

If you are interested in Autodata information or your existing Autodata CD is running out,
why not give us a call to find out more?

0844 561 7861
Garys Support Corner

Gary's Support Corner

Keycoding / Programming (iKeys)

You may be aware that SP Diagnostics also cover keycoding, which enables you to code keys, remotes and fobs on a range of vehicles. This package may be the key (pardon the pun!) to unlocking (sorry) potential for new custom from people who have damaged locks or lost keys.

The key and immobiliser need to work in harmony with each other so that the car is secure and to stop any old keys from starting the car. Look at this simple diagram that shows the main components in this process.

Key/Transponder - Reader Coil - Immobiliser

The process of programming matches the Key/Transponder to the vehicle, normally after entering a PIN Code which is supplied with the car or available from the franchised dealer. Some keys/transponders can only be used with one vehicle after being programmed, in the case of Fiat they come part coded for the vehicle model you are working on.

One thing to remember with coding keys is to always make sure you have the right key for the job! We do have calls where customers have tried to use second hand keys or transponders which are the incorrect type, normally bought from certain online auction sites. The best way to ensure you have a trouble free job is to get the key from the franchised dealer, they can also provide you with the PIN, or from a locksmith supplier specialising in keys and transponders for vehicles. Wherever possible use a new transponder unless you know for sure that the one you have can be programmed again by the system you will be working on.

We do have PIN codes included in our software
where possible and methods to extract this information where we can to assist in the process. As technology changes vehicle manufacturers will make systems more secure and we will be continuing to update our software for the ACR and SPi units to keep up. Remember to keep a your “UNIT PIN CODE” in a safe place to stop the wrong people from using this key programming software.


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