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Welcome to The SP Diagnostics Tyre Tracks News

We have a special offer for subscriptions taken up before the first England game, have our first product demo video on the SPi WASP module and information on Landrover electronic park brake systems.

Keep an eye out for the Fast Tracks email in your inbox, as the latest update SD 21.2 is due soon.
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Wireless Automotive Signal Processor Video

WASP Demo.jpg

See the SPi WASP in action, in our first product video!

Solve Landrover EPB issues with the aid of SP Diagnostics

If you have customers with a Landrover Discovery 3 or Range Rover Sport that has an electronic park brake they may come across two common problems:

  • Squeaking noise from the rear brakes whilst moving
  • Screeching noise when applying the parking brake
These systems are covered on the SPi handset.

If the rear brakes are squeaking whilst moving then it is necessary to inspect the EPB shoes and drums.

To do this safely it is necessary to put the EPB module into ‘Service Mode’ by selecting

Landrover > EPB > Release on your SPi.

It is recommended that you then remove the EPB 30A fuse ‘LINK FL8’ from the battery junction box to prevent accidental application of the parking brake.

Once you have finished working on the EPB replace the EPB fuse and use the EPB switch to re-apply the parking brake.

If there is a screech when applying the parking brake then it is likely the EPB module is jammed and operating the park brake will likely cause internal damage to the module.

In many cases the EPB module can be returned to working order by using a diagnostic unjamming procedure:
  • Use your SPi to select Landrover > EPB > Unjam to ask the EPB module to unjam
  • If the procedure is successful the module will release fully and unjam
  • Start the engine, apply and release the EPB listening for a screeching noise
  • If the EPB module still screeches then attempt the unjam procedure two more times before considering replacing the EPB module.

Turnpike Racing

Outside of company hours SP Diagnostics gets involved with a local race team, that compete in the National Mobile Windscreens Castle Combe Saloon Car Championship.

We support a number of cars in the Turnpike team, not just with tools and equipment but also provide help with electrics, wiring, electronics and ECU mapping / programming and technical issues, all in our spare time.

So far there have been 3 races this season and the last one was on Bank Holiday Monday. Cars that run in the Castle Combe Saloon Car Championship are all fairly standard road cars that have been modified to run on the track, a concept which allows the public to relate to the cars on the track to ones that they see on the road.

The Audi TT pictured was a standard 4wd 1.8T, which was gutted, had roll cages fitted, the standard ECU has been replaced with a custom ECU, dash has been replaced with a custom dash, 2wd conversion, the brakes, turbo, suspension have all been uprated and the wiring has been replaced by custom looms.

The driver of the Audi TT (Tony Hutchings) has previously won the championship in 2006 & 2007 driving a MG ZR (in class C) has now moved up to class B in the turbo powered TT
and after some time off he is hoping to get a good result this year.



SP Diagnostics & Autodata

SP Diagnostics are now proud suppliers of Autodata vehicle information. Autodata's CDs, books, and charts are ideal products to use along side the SPi, ACR4 and our other tools.

Find more information on Autodata here.

The Autodata 2010 Diagnostic Trouble Code book is a whopping 700+ pages of both invaluable and useful information on generic and manufacturer trouble codes. The book includes diagnostic connector locations and fault locations listed with comprehensively researched probable causes that save time by eliminating guesswork.

'The 2010 edition is an important reference guide for every garage workshop that wants to tackle engine, transmission and immobiliser work effectively and profitably' - Autodata

Autodata information is available on CD and the Internet, a yearly subscription provides you with priceless information on:
  • Service Intervals
  • Technical Data
  • Key Programming
  • Repair Times
  • Trouble Codes
  • Tyre Information
  • Service Data
  • Known Fixes
  • Engine Management Testing
  • ABS/Airbags/Air-Con
  • Component Locations
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Guided Diagnostics *
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring *
  • Electronic Park Brake *
  • Battery Disconnection Procedures *
* Version Dependent (CD3)

Win your own copy of the Autodata Diagnostic Trouble Code book

Worth £69!

Just correctly answer the question on the Autodata competition page here

Autodata Trouble Code Book.jpg

Autodata Video Demo & Tutorial

If you are interested in Autodata information or your existing Autodata CD is running out,
why not give us a call to find out more?

0844 561 7861
Garys Support Corner

Gary's Support Corner

Volvo service messages explained

There seems to be some confusion with the messages seen in Volvo “Driver information module” in the dashboard when a service is due. I have had a few calls from people who have been trying to reset a service message but can’t.

The main problem are the messages them self, the service message reads…

“Time for regular service”

This means the car needs a service, any other message with the word “service” in it would suggest a fault has been detected by the ECU and is telling the driver to bring their car to your good selves to be looked at and fixed.

Another little thing with Volvos is when resetting a service light…

“All the doors need to be closed”

This may sound silly but you will not reset the service light with any of the doors open including tail gates on the estate versions. So there you have it another little bit of wisdom from my corner.
Thanks for reading it.


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