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Introduction Don't Loose Work
Block Exemption All-in-One PC
Gary's Support Corner

Welcome to The SP Diagnostics Tyre Tracks News

This month Gary's Corner has information regarding Renault key cards and diagnostic problems, we are are show casing our own All-in-One PC for the small garage, and have some vital information if you get emails from customers.

Update: The SP Diagnostics Garage Manager 3 now has Unipart KIS/Direct import functions.

Keep an eye out for the Fast Tracks email in your inbox, as the latest update SD 21.3 is due soon.

Are you losing work by not dealing with customer's emails?

Over two thirds of UK adults expect their emails to be valued as equally as a traditional letter, but small businesses are not handling emails from their customers with the same respect and even losing their emails completely.

1 in 3 firms have admitted to mislaying emailed orders at least once a quarter and 1 in 10 firms do this at least once per month!

Over half of the firms surveyed said they have lost or deleted emails in error within the last year.

The survey produced by Internet providers Fasthosts, highlights major short comings by small businesses when dealing with customers emails, 45% of Britons expect firms to be able to email quotes and brochures, but 61% of companies don't offer this option.

With the UK population increasingly getting more tech savvy, email use will only increase, failing to respond to this demand will mean that businesses will be losing both customers and work.

54% of customers indicated they would spend more time with email efficient businesses, only 29% of firms recognise this.

Remember you could be turning away customers and work, with the use of email continually increasing you shouldn't underestimate its importance.

Top Tips:

Deal with emails professionally, efficiently and quickly
Have a simple process in place for staff to use
Reduce unwanted emails by using a spam filter
Respond to the email, even if only by phone

Block Exemption Success

The independent aftermarket has won its fight to secure Block Exemption rights for garages.

The European commission has announced that it will formally adopt the new legislation that allows independent garages better access to repair and maintain vehicles.

The new rules that are already in place are focused specifically on the aftermarket, these rules will increase the competition for repair and maintenance by providing access to technical information and makes it easier to use alternative spare parts.

Manufacturers will no longer be able to tie down warranties where they require that the vehicles are only serviced at authorised garages.

This is a clear message to vehicle manufacturers and can only be good news for the independent garage.
All-in-One Garage PC
Compact All-in-One PC, Garage Assistant 3, Autodata CD, SPi Handset

This complete garage solution, gives you all the tools required to manage information and data in your garage. All-in-One PC needing no base unit, less clutter, more desk space. SPi handset (with subscription) for your diagnostic and electronic service needs, with WASP - Wireless Automotive Signal Processor. Garage Assistant 3 is an extremely easy but powerful service, MOT and workshop management program. Market your customers with reminders, letters and promotions by letter, Email or text, look up vehicle registrations, handle stock and more. Autodata information is an invaluable tool for any mechanic, with service times, component locations, fault finding, diagnostic information to name a few, no garage should be without it.

All-in-One lease package example:

All in One PC
SPi Including 12 months subscription (iMap & i Keys)
SPi WASP - Wireless signal processor
Autodata CD3 vehicle information
Garage Assistant 3

3 Year lease deal only  £29.40 per week
(approximate lease value, subject to status)

For more information see the SP Diagnostics Website.

or call us on 0844 561 7861
Garys Support Corner

Gary's Support Corner

Renault Key-card Systems

I have had a few calls lately on the issue of not being able to make comms or clearing codes on Megane 2 and Scenic 2 with “card type” ignition keys. The problem is not knowing how to turn the ignition on fully (position 2 with a standard key) without starting the engine. Here follows the simple method of achieving the “position 2” state with a key-card.

1. Place the key-card in the slot.

2. Push the start button for 10 seconds or so, WITHOUT depressing
the clutch or brake until all the dash lights illuminate, simple.

3. When you are finished reading the ECU, double tap the start button to reset the ignition
(this is not always needed)

On our Forum a discussion (here) has highlighted a technical issue where the car could start without pressing the clutch or brake due to a faulty switch. If this is the case then this switch would need fixing before you proceed, but if you want a temporary solution use these work-a-rounds:-

Manual Transmission
Stall the engine to leave it in a state where the ignition is on but engine is not running.

Automatic Transmission
Remove the fuel pump relay so the engine does not run.

On Laguna 2s the key-card works in a different way, when the key-card is inserted the ignition goes to position 2 straight away so no need to do anything else.


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