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iMAT Suite PC Software Download


The latest version of the iMAT Suite PC software. You will need this software to update your iMAT handset.

System Requirements:
Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
(Administrator permission may be required for installation)
Internet access (it may be necessary to allow outgoing connections via port 1433 in your firewall)
5MB free disk space
100MB free RAM
1 free USB port

Version History:
- Fixed the application store.
- Added a Recover Details button to the Enter Security page in case the user does not know their subscription number.
- Added support for 2-in-1 touchscreen laptops with Windows 10.
- Improved error handling in handset communication.
- Improved speed of communication with the handset.
- Changed the update progress to display in KB or MB rather than bytes.
- Made company name a required field when registering.
- Replaced Help button with Telephone Support button in Options and Help.
V1.020 - Updated digital signatures to avoid blocks by Windows 10 and IE11.
- Added prompt to renew expired subscriptions through the application store when checking for updates.
V1.019 - Application viewer is now online to display the latest information.
- Added recover details feature to Option & Help to obtain a reminder of subscription details via email.
- When registering as a new user the telephone number field is now required.
- Resolved 'Error 32' message which could occur when registering a handset.
- Improved Test and checks feature within Options & Help to display detailed serial port information.
V1.017 - Automatically proceeds to the application store after registration.
V1.016 - Support for Windows 10.
- Ability to register additional products.
V1.012 - Notification at start-up when a newer PC Suite version is available.
- Application Viewer: Manufacturer/model/type lists are now sorted alphabetically.
- Application Viewer: Added button to clear all selections.
- Handset communications: Resolved a timeout issue
- Shop: Fixed an issue where after correcting missing subscription details the PC Suite would check for updates instead of displaying the shop.
V1.011 - Initial version

Submitted On:
24 Nov 2017
File Size:
7,920.84 Kb
File Version:
File Author:
Matt Barker
File Date:
24 Nov 2017

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